My Battle With Depression

This is the post excerpt.


A Little Background About Me

My name is Marian and I’m not really sure where to start, so here goes:

It all started when I was pregnant with my son, Ryan. At around 7 months along, the doctors give you a sugar test to find out if you have gestational diabetes or not. Well, I found out that I did have it, and for awhile, I was able to control it. Pretty soon, I could no longer do so and the doctors were going to put me on insulin. I was so upset, to say the least. I begged them to let me go until my next appointment, and if my glucose levels were still too high, then they can put me on insulin. Well, the next visit, my levels had gone down, so I didn’t need the insulin after all.

I remember my last ultrasound being on July 28, 1993. My son was only 5 3/4 lbs at that time. I went into labor on September 12, ¬†got to the hospital, and my doctor was just signing out for the night. He turned around and saw me, then rolled his eyes in the back of his head! Don’t EVER do that to someone who’s in labor, let alone with her first child! So they got me a room, got me ready, and eventually broke my water. I remember pushing, and telling the doctor, “He’s not coming out!” The doctor yelled at me saying, “Yes he is, you’re not trying!” I wanted to punch him square in the face! But the nurses quick grabbed him, and pushed him out of my room! I wound up having a C-section, and I was right! No matter how hard I pushed, my son was NOT coming out! He was born September 13th, at 6:54 am. In just a month and 1/2 from my last ultrasound, he almost DOUBLED his weight! He was born at 11 lbs! I had people coming up from other floors just to see the biggest baby in the nursery at that time. Ha ha

Skip to almost 5yrs later. I was working then, and was sooo thirsty all the time. I would have a coffee, soda, and 2 one liter bottles of water at my desk and drank them all within a 1/2 hour!! I knew then I had diabetes. But the doctor that diagnosed me was terrible! He just told me to knock off the sweets and soda. Never mentioned carbs to me, or had me check my glucose levels, but gave me pills to take for the diabetes. At the time, I had to pay for 1/2 my prescriptions, so of course, I wound up in the hospital a few days because my glucose levels were very high. THAT doctor thought he was being funny and asked why I was there, so I told him I couldn’t afford my medication. He then asked why I didn’t tell him, and my exact words were, “I did tell you! All you said was I have to take them, then raised the dosage, causing me to pay more, but not having the money to do so!” He didn’t say a word.

No one had told me that if I had gestational diabetes, that within 3-5 yrs, it could come back. I found out from my neighbor who was a nurse. She helped me out so much by explaining things to me, trying to help me create a diet for me to follow, etc. But then I had to move, and I lost track of her.